Privacy Policy

Outlined hereinafter is the Privacy Policy of (the “Website”). This Policy shows how we collect, use, disclose and protect the information provided by you. By entering the site or availing any of the Services provided you hereby agree to and accept this Privacy Policy.

Collecting Information

We collect certain information from you so as to register you on the site, provide you with our services as well as to improve the functionality of the site. The information collected by us include your basic information with regard to name, age, gender contact and residential details. This information is usually collected at the time of registration, while taking any of our surveys or provided in any communication sent by you and is required to register you with the Website as well as to send any essential communication. Along with this, our servers are programmed in a manner so as to automatically collect certain non-personally identifiable information. This information is collected while you are using the Website or in the event you avail any of the Services. The information collected by our servers includes only device specific information such as hardware, operating system, model, IP address, URLs requested. Along with this certain other information with regard to the frequency and pattern of browsing is also collected.
Any payment details entered to make payments for the Services may also be collected and stored. This information is kept in a secure and encrypted environment and shall be accessed or used only at such time when you make a payment. This information is collected and stored so as to enable users to make easier transactions in future.


Use of Information

The Website does not reveal, sell, divulge or trade any of the Users information collected. However the Website may disclose certain information keeping in mind the Users requirements. The Website shall only disclose personally identifiable information to third parties after obtaining consent from the concerned User. Users shall be at a liberty to decide whether or not to make such disclosure. Users shall also be entitled to revoke any previous consent given and stop all further disclosure.
The Website may also disclose certain information with regard to the Users to its service providers, partners, associates, directors, representatives, agents, employees or sub-contractors. All such information shall be disclosed only for the purposes of providing Users with the Services as requested by them and shall be disclosed only on a ‘need to’ basis.
The Website may disclose any and all information as it may be required to in compliance with any law for the time being in force, or pursuant to any order or judgement issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or by any governmental authority.



By using the Website or any of the Services provided therein you are agreeing to receive frequent communication from the Website. We may make use of your contact details to send you information with regard to our Services, any changes in such Services, our newsletter and certain other updates. Users shall be free at all times to opt out of the mailing scheme.



Cookies are small pieces of data or text file sent from the Website and stored by your browser while using the Website or any of the Services. Cookies are generally used to collect and store certain information with regard to your browsing patterns and preferences. Cookies may be either short term or long term cookies. Short term cookies collect and store information only for the duration of your browsing whereas long term cookies tend to store information collected for a longer period of time. The Website makes use of both these type of cookies.
Cookies help the Website to collect certain information with regard to your browsing patterns, browsing history, stored preferences. Cookies also help in storing functional information with regard to your previous browsing sessions, time spent on websites, previous choices, user name and other similar information. However none of the cookies collect any information that is personally identifiable to you, rather it collects information with regard to your device and IP address.
Cookies also allow us to provide you with relevant results and advertisements while browsing the Website and help in auto filling of forms.
Users shall be entitled to access and delete all information stored on the cookies. This can be done by accessing the settings of your web browser. Deleting any of the cookies stored may seriously affect or otherwise disrupt the functionality of the Website. The Website shall not be responsible for any such reduced functionality or disruption of Services caused due to deleting the cookies.


Google Analytics

Like many other websites we too use Google Analytics to provide users with an enhanced browsing experience. Google Analytics acts as an advanced server log and collects certain information with regard to the Users. The information collected by Google Analytics includes your browsing history, time spent on the Website and certain device specific information. Google Analytics helps the Website to better understand the Users and to provide better suited Services and enhanced Website functionality. It also enables the Website to create statistics on the visitors to the Website as well as their browsing preferences. However no personally identifiable information is used while creating such statistics. Use of Google Analytics is subject to the Terms of Use of Google Analytics.


Access and Management of Information

All information stored with us can be accessed by Users at any time. All information is stored only on obtaining your consent. Users may at any time access such information and make any changes or updates to the same. In the event that any of the information stored is incorrect or outdated, Users may access the information and make necessary updates or changes.

Storage of Information

Information provided by Users shall be stored within the Servers of the Website in a secure location located within the territory of Europe. All information provided by Users can be accessed at any time regardless of the server location. All information stored on our servers whether within such territory or outside it, is in compliance with all applicable laws.


Information Security

All information is stored in a secure and encrypted manner and cannot be accessed unless with the authorization of the Website. The security measures adopted by the Website are those that are at par with industrial standards.

The Website urges all Users to use strong passwords and not to reveal any account information to third parties. Users are also advised to proceed with caution while following any links or advertisements present on the Website. The Website shall not be liable for any loss caused to Users while following any links or advertisements on the Website.
It is important that Users understand that no security measure is 100% fool proof and the Website cannot guarantee that all information security measures adopted shall provide sufficient protection.


This Privacy Policy may be subject to modifications or changes from time to time. The Website may in its sole discretion alter, vary, or change any or all parts of this Policy. It shall be the responsibility of Users to familiarize themselves with such changes or alterations.
Sufficient time shall be provided before the revised Policy is implemented and the Website shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the Users for their lack of knowledge of the revised Policy.